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    Mar 20, 2013, 12:20 PM
    Infrequent adderall use hair test
    I took a good amount of adderall about 5 months ago and again 6 months ago (about 90 mg over a 9 hr period) to study for exams. Haven't used since and haven't touched in about 6 yrs prior. Had a body hair follicle test today. Thoughts on my chances? Expert opinions would be great

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Hi, I have a Psychemedics hair test coming up on Monday. I took 3-4 bowl hits altogether 6+ weeks ago on two separate occasions, about a week apart. Before that, there's nothing in my hair that could show up. How are my chances of passing this test? Should I prepare for it in any way? Thanks.

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Dr Bill, I have a pre-employment hair test tomorrow. I have only had Adderall two times in my life. Once on July 14 and once on July 30. They were Adderall 30mg XRs. Do you think this usage will show on a hair test?

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This is crazy but I have been reading all these things and I have to ask. I take 15mg og generic adderall everyday from the doc but my husband has to take a hair follicle test for work. We have sex all the time will it show up in his system or hair?

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I have a hair test this Friday October 26th and smoked August 25 for a few hits. The last time before that was probably about a month or 2 before August 25th. I have 1" long hair right now. 5'7 150lbs and very athletic with a very high metabolism.

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I have only smoked pot 4 times this year once in May and three times in June once on the 8th and then the 16 and17 th and I have a hair test coming up on Aug 19 and from that date it will be over 90 days since I have smoked and prior to May I haven't smoked since December, Do I have anything to...

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