I've been a functioning user since 2002, I smoke very little, a couple of hits when I wake up and then again around 5 and more if I don't have anything to do and need to get housework done or my wash finished. I started doing meth when my daughter passed away, it really helped me a lot, because otherwise I would have been a basket case. I've never had to pay for it, my husband has always shared and even though we have been separated for almost three years he always makes sure he brings by some whenever he gets it for himself. None of my friends know and I have clear skin, my teeth are in great shape, I don't drink, and I go dancing and have a great time so I'm not your typical meth user. But I do find it hard to quit because when I try, I sleep all day and my place gets gross, I feel gross, I start gaining weight and my tummy gets all messed up from eating too much, embarrassing to say but I've even pooped my pants when trying to get off. What makes it easier and how long until I start feeling better? It's only been a day this time but I have to do it, I want to feel happy all the time and I don't. I feel very alone. Any advice would be great and how long does it take to not be angry and feel happy?