My son is 22 years old and is addicted to alcohol and drugs. My husband and myself have tried every which way to help him we even tried him in a rehab.He is in trouble with the law because of his habit and he knows he has couple court dates coming up but he still continues with his habits.My husbands cousin offered to help my son by enrolling my son in a near by community college he did not behave at his house too.He started to drink in the house.Me being his mom came here to take care of him. I drop him and pick him up from school but he is still buying alcohol somehow or the other even though I do not give him money. This was supposed to be his last chance. The only advice I am getting from everyone is that he needs to be on his own or else he will never realize his problem.He is seeing a psyciatrist and he is diagnosed being bipolar. Even her advice is to let him go.I want to know as to what should I do.