I have read many articles about EtG testing. On one hand, I have read up to "80 hours" (I understand that is an extreme) but see that almost everywhere the EtG half-life is listed as 2-3 hrs. Ok, with that being said, either there is a ceiling to the amount of EtG that can be eliminated from the body, the amount of EtG for the 80hrs is extremely high, or the half-life quoted is incorrect. If my math is correct, let's say the person's EtG level is a very high 800,000 after it peaks (I read 4 hours after the last drink is metabolized). So, in 7 hrs after the last drink is metabolized the level would be halved to 400,000;
In 10hrs, 200,000;
In 13 hrs, 100,000;
16hrs 50,000;
19hrs 25,000;
22 hrs 12,500;
25hrs, 6,250;
28hrs, 3,125;
31hrs, 1,563;
34hrs, 781;
37hrs, 391;
40hrs, 195;
43hrs, 98;
This level is low enough to pass a 100 cut-off.

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong or how EtG can be >100, 80 hours after
The last drink is metabolized? Dr Bill, your help would be appreciated.