I am on probabtion for a DUI where I have to do monthly drug testing & random EtG testing. I have taken several drug tests & passed no problem as I'm not doing drugs, but I have "diluted" my 1st EtG test even though I wasn't trying to as I'm not drinking either. I did tell my probation officer from the beginning that I normally drink a lot of water (1/2 to +1 gallons a day) & was told it was very hard to accidentally dilute a test. After doing so I discussed with her that the drug tests were always in the morning & the EtG test was late afternoon & perhaps that was the issue. My question is this, would taking the EtG in the morning give me a more accurate result? And also how much water would be considered "too much" for the purpose of "diluting" a test? As I am not drinking (alcohol) I sure don't want to violate my probabtion & go to jail on something like unintentionally diluting.