1st post, I'm trying to get help to get my life back together. I was diagnosed as a child with ADHD and given Ritalin at a very young age. Was given the drug into my teens and sequentially taken off. I was fine till I turned into my 20's where I started social drinking and smoking. Things in my life made my 30's very hard and I began to self medicate. Now in my 40's I've lost control. Thus, why I'm reaching out for help. Is! I need help and soon ! I need to detox, get medicine for ADHD( I can't emphasize this enough, I do know now that alcohol makes it worse ) and help sleeping. The anxiety may be from the alcohol withdraw. I don't use any other drugs. I have gotten myself off every other drug I've ever used. I believe I need some long term help also as well , if I'm going to ask for help I do not want to let down the people trying to help me. I've lost my job last year due to company downsizing. I have no insurance and I'm broke. The state will refer me to a detox center but after that I need to get into a restructuring program in Georgia. Would it be wrong to seek a sponsor to help me pay for such a program? If not, where would I find one?
Thanks for any help and may God bless.