Hello so I had a drug test performed on the 2nd of this month for a job. I've been reading through many of the post on here, but I am still uncertain as to whether I passed the test. I should hear about the results either today or tomorrow. I just really need some reassurance and advice right about now, so I'm going to talk about my previous experience with weed. The first time I ever tried it was in the month of June where the first time around, I took a couple of hits. The following day, I took a few more hits. And a few days after that a bit more hits. That was that, but then in October I took a couple of hits one day and then ate weed brownies another day. After that I stopped again, but on Dec 6th and 7th I took a couple of hits both days. That would be the last time I smoked. What would you consider me a infrequent smoker,occasional,etc? And what hope do you think I have of passing this test? And I don't know if it's worth mentioning, but I have been bleaching and dying my hair throughout all the time that I've been smoking. Any advice would be appreciated thanks!