I was a heavy user of marijuanna and found out August 1,2016 that my job is doing a hair test sometime in November 2016. I immediately quit August 2, 2016. August 5, 2016 I did a small amount of cocaine a couple of bumps. That was my first time ever doing coke. Later on that month August 28, 2016 I did one very small bump at a party, it was very minuscule. I work out 5 times a week and run around 9 miles a week. I am 6ft 210lbs very musclar. I have been detoxing and sitting in the sauna consistently . When November 1 comes it will give me 90 days being clean of Marijuanna. Will the two small usages of cocaine show in my hair test? Those 2 times are the only times I ever used it. Will the marijuanna show in my hair test? The hair follicle test is sometime in November don't know the exact date. It could be at the beginning or end. November 6 would also be 90 days from my first usage of cocaine as well. The small minuscule bump at a party was done later in August 28.