SO like the title says I'm needing some advice. . I got an important hair test coming up for a job I thought was never going to call me but I smoked on nov 15 and they called me on nov 18 and told me to come in for an interview so now I'm in a job pool waiting to be hired imagine that other than in November I smoked in sept of 2012 so over a year. ALso this hair test will be taken from the armpit... so as of today my one time use has been a little over 3 weeks and the test should be in the next couple weeks... so should I pass easy or should I do something to prepare like the macujo method to be sure?

28 years old
6` 4" tall
245 pounds
Workout hard 3-4 times a week

Smoke a bowl 5-7 hits on nov 15 last time before that sept 2012

Drug test in mid dec 2013 to early jan 2014

How's it look for me on this?