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    Dec 16, 2013, 08:17 PM
    Hair Follicle Test for previous drug user coming soon, please help...
    Hi, I was wondering if you could give me any answers to the worries that I have about my upcoming hair follicle test. I have 2 take an HFT by the end of January 2014 for the company that I will b working w. From all the posts & forums I've read I'm now nervous as heck that I'm going to fail. Below is my marijuana smoking history.

    I'm 5'6-5'7
    120 lbs
    waist length blonde hair
    I'm also a female (in case that needed to be known)

    End of summer 2005 - 08/25/2012 daily marijuana smoker
    08/25/2012 - 11/13/2013 Did NOT smoke ANY marijuana (I passed a pre-employment urine test on 02/17/2013 & a random urine test about 6 months later for the trucking company I was working 4, I was nvr asked 2 do an HFT)
    11/14/2013 - 12/11/2013 shared 1/2 oz of marijuana w a friend (smoked probably 5 bowls in a small pipe per day)
    Ever since 12/11/2013 I have NOT smoked ANY marijuana & I DO NOT plan on starting back up either.

    Am I doomed 2 fail this upcoming HFT test? Are there any hair follicle cleansing products on the market that can rid my hair of ANY traces of marijuana that I might have? I REALLY need & want this upcoming job that I have!!
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    Dec 17, 2013, 09:56 AM
    I would say that you might have cause to concern. First off, the metabolite that is being looked for is in the core of the hair not the external, so no shampoo would clean that away. This wouldn't be a viable test if there was an easy way to cheat it. It would be a mockery of any sort of drug detection it was that easy.

    The test is meant to take about an inch and a half and test it for this metabolite. They're not going to be able to say that you had a joint two months ago Friday. They'll look at the quantity and see if it falls under a predetermined amount. This is the habitual level. They look at the last 90 days.

    So in the last 90 days you spent 26 days smoking 5 bowls a day. That would probably qualify as habitual. You could go right at the end of January and hope for the best but the amount would still be there. I would go anyway and take your chances.

    The other problem is that you say that you're not planning on starting up again. I would likely call bull-pucks on that. That is another topic entirely.
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    Dec 17, 2013, 11:41 AM
    If you have to take the test at the end of January the test will go back (90 days) all of January, December to the beginning of November give or take a 2 week window (because that's the way hair testing works). So you smoked 5 bowls per day up until 12/11/13. I think you might have a little trouble passing a hair drug test. I would say you have a 50/50 chance of failing, it's hard to say. The only saving grace is that an employer will use a basic hair drug test which has a higher cutoff level which means you could do a small amount and still get away with it. Most of the crap you buy for defeating a hair test works on the outside of the hair whereas the drug metabolite is in the cortex (middle of the hair). At the risk of being thrown off this forum (since hair testing is what I do for a living) I could recommend doing your own anonymous hair drug test sometime around the second week of January, let say 2 weeks before you have to do the actual test.

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