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    Apr 6, 2013, 01:10 PM
    Hair follicle test
    Hello I was wondering if I would fail a hair test, I ingested 4 bites from a "pot" brownie about 26 days before my test. Before this the last time I used marijuiana was over 8 months ago I was a daily user but quit and have several hair cuts since then I was wondering if I would fail this hair test, I'm really worried any reply would be much appreciated.

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Took a pre-employment drug test last Wednesday. No word yet! My ONLY concern is that I took some concerta (un-prescribed, yes I know bad bad bad, but I am an undiagnosed ADD and was about to receive my diagnosis on paper when my insurance ran out) I tried my friends to see if it would bring me...

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I have a hair follicle test on Friday. Im an infrequent smoker. I took maybe three hits out of a one hitter on Sunday and a week and a half before that took a few (4 or 6) hits out of a bowl. Before that it was very light use.. maybe a couple hits every two and a half to three weeks. I took the at...

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I have over 30 days of not smoking marijuana I had an hair follicle test and my level for thc was 30.5 pg/10mg I want to know how long do I have before I can give an negative hair follicle test result and if drinking more water would help?

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I stopped smoking in January 2012, before that I smoked two to three joints a week. July 7, after a friend died I had a couple of hits off a blunt. Yesterday, apron 49 days from when I last smoked weed, I had to take a hair follicle test for a possible job. I didn't know they were doing hair...

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I never smoked until recently in the month of April like 2 times.. Took my test may 7th , what is the chances of it showing in my hair ? Ps didn't smoke a whole blunt like 2-3 pulls

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