Dr. Skipper I was recently given an ETG test and it came back positive. I haven't been drinking for almost a year now, but somehow I've tested positive. The test shows that no alcohol (Ethanol) was detected. The method was EA. The cutoff 0.04 g/dl. But ethyl glucuronide was detected. Method was EIA. Cutoff was 0 ng/ml Then it says Ethyl Glucuronide was detected again. (964 ng/ml) the method was LC/MS/MS and the cutoff was 100 ng/ml. After that it says tat Ethyl Sulfate was detected (422 ng/ml) The method was LC/MS/MS/ and the cutoff was 25 ng/ml. My Creatinine result was 362.1 mg/dl and the method used was Colorimetric. The reference range was >20 mg/dl. That said I use a few products around the house that I looked up as having Phenoxyethanol such as Head and Shoulder conditioner and Aveeno Sunblock. Could this have been the cause of false Positive? Plus I eat plenty of bananas and I'm on medication due to an injury that occurred at work. Please let me know what the results mean because all I see is numbers and don't understand what they signify.