I have been court ordered to participate in random EtG alcohol testing. During the times in which I was drinking alcohol, my EtG levels were consistently >10,000. I did not realize that "NA" beer might register a positive result on these tests until it happened to me! I have not had an alcoholic beverage (not even a sip) since 2/28/2011. I do drink NA beer on occasion, and 5 of my 12 most recent Etg's (March 3-April 11) have been reported as positive. The EtG levels on 4 of them were 125-254 ng/mL, but one was 728 ng/mL. The tox lab is insisting that NA beer will never result in EtG levels over 500 ng/mL unless you drink "barrels full". Skinner website suggests I check out my creatine levels for this test as concentrated urine can increase EtG up to 15 times the actual level. Is this true? I am furiously attempting to gather documentation that points to NA beer consumption and EtG levels. I am sure that I didn't drink any real beer! Help!