I am worried about an upcoming drug test scheduled for about 3-6 weeks from now. I have never smoked and avoid those who are smoking/using as much as possible. Just over 1 week ago I was in a small living room while about 6 people smoked marijuana. I wasn't watching them so I don't know how much they smoked but they were smoking for no more than 30 minutes. Multiple times they blew weed smoke in/around my face... I tried not to breath it in. I was very uncomfortable with the entire situation and looking back should have left as soon as they began smoking.

I have a drug test scheduled for sometime within the next 3-6 weeks and don't know whether it's a urine test or hair follicle test. Should I be concerned about failing the test? I am incredibly anxious about the entire situation and can't believe I allowed myself to be exposed to other people smoking. I have never consumed illegal drugs in my life but don't know how second hand marijuana smoke is shown on hair follicle tests. After leaving the house I had a headache and (although I have no idea what it feels like to be high, and it was probably all in my mind) swore that lights seemed very bright.

Can anyone tell me what I should expect or what I am in for? The drug test is for an opportunity that I have been working over a year for and I wish I would have connected the dots between second hand smoke and my upcoming drug test before it was an issue.

I really appreciate any input anyone has.

Thank you.