Dr bill, I have a question on breath alcohol test. I received a dui in oct. And have been doing daily ba's since. I failed one in November, due to.a hangover. I have not failed one since until Sunday. I am 10 weeks pregnant and have not touched alcohol since I found out I was preganant at 4 weeks. On Sunday I had nothing at all to drink but when I went in for my ba I blew a .095. Immediately I blew again and I was at a .07 and a minute after that I blew a .08. I waited 15 minutes and blew again and was at a .06? How can that be? If it was booze would it go up and down like that in a 15 minute time span? I am in need of any help information or references u can offer to prove my innocence. Unfortunetly.there are people out there that will drink while pregnant and the "system" won't take my word for it. If there is anythi.g you can offer I appreciate it.