Saturday Night from 9pm to 1 am I had exactly 5 glass bottle beers with 5% alcohol content. I am 6 foot and around 145 pounds. Yesterday morning I drank a lot of coffee and took 2 excedrin (I thought caffeine could help jump my already fast metabolism) and didn't eat until about 130 when I ate 2 pieces of kfc and a biscuit and I ate lasagna for dinner. This morning when I found out I had the UA I drank 3 monsters (again thought caffeine and niacin might help) and tried to hold off on eating but ended up eating chipotle at about 3 because I was getting so hungry I was shaking. I then went to the UA at 4pm. What are my chances that I passed the ETG I'm on probation and haven't failed a UA since new years before last Saturday and my probation officer will punish me harshly if I fail one.

I know it was dumb but I figured chances were low id have a ua Monday.. Im getting married soon and just got a new job if I failed I lose everything so I'm freaking out