I got caught smoking marijuanna at my college, and in order to stay here I had to sign up for drug screening through the health center. I had to fill out a form prior to the testing and it asked what drugs I have used in the past 6 months and I kid you not it had every drug and perscription drug for the choices. I said I just smoked marijuanna, because that's what they caught me with. However, does suboxone (bueprenorphine) show up on these hair follicle tests? Or mylan (diazepam) or valium like (benzos). I obviously didn't put I have done any of these in the past 6 months because then they would look for it. But I'm wondering if they will show up. At first I thought I would just get a few strands of hair cut out, but the nurse cut out chunks of my hair, at different angles on my head. Please help if your familiar with hair follicle testing! Thanks