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    Nov 30, 2011, 02:13 PM
    Deciphering EtG studies: How many drinks is 0.5g ethanol/kg?
    I am trying to decipher the research/studies on EtG levels and elimination, and can't figure out what actual consumption was used in most. Is 0.5g alcohol/kg (body weight?) a standard, consistent expression of a given number of drinks - or does this expression of consumption actually amount to an individual measure (i.e. variable) based on personal weight?

    For example, if the study states 0.5g alcohol/kg, are the results presented/assumed based on 1 drink - or is that 1 drink for an average perhaps 70 kg test subject? If the latter, how would this dose be calculated as # drinks for say a 55 kg subject? Or 80 Kg? Similarly, is there a generalized equation for calculating and converting avg. time of detectable EtG (in hours) based on a 500 cutoff, vs. figures and studies which use the 100 level?
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    Nov 30, 2011, 03:13 PM
    To clarify, I do believe the equation is straightforward, but also believe standard drinks are defined in different # oz in different countries, and some of these studies are foreign.

    Also, if my "equation" is correct, it would seem that in a study determining an average elimination time using subjects closer to the 80kg, the expression of "3 drinks" is not applicable the same way to a 55kg - the dose/kg totally more like 2 drinks. Moreover, if the research suggests 3 drinks have EtG elimination in approx 48 hours, might this be extrapolated as 48 hours for just 2 drinks in the light-weight (understanding the variation in individual metabolism, but in terms of presumed consumption ratio to elimination relative to the study's findings? Or might the better "fitness" of the thinner person affect speed of metabolism enough to average this out nonetheless as 3ish drinks?

    Apologies for both long and complex questions. Dr. Bill, perhaps you can assist, the authority you are? Thanks!

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