I have not smoked in 40 plus days used to smoke some every day few hits my UA test are clean, worried about hair random test eventually at 75-90 days. I have marinol script also because have severe RA-failed 5 drug regiments and the cannabis helps with eating and pain from the cytotoxic injections(methotrexate that I take every week with the Biological Simponi along with all the damn pills they give for this disease. Also have Gout Arthritis and Sjorgrens- my body is a mess but I want to keep working. Will it show on the hair test at 75 plus days . Very thin with high metabolism usually clear UA at 21 days to 25 days every time. The hair test makes me nervous can they tell the difference on the marinol and would they go that route with me having the marinol script. Its not my company but the people we work for in the energy sector? Nervous in Ohio!