I think my son is huffing butane. I can't seem to find out some answers that would help me. How much butane does it take to get high? How long do you stay high for? My son has done SEVERAL Urine Analysis tests and they come back clean. But I have found 5 lighters in his room and he doesn't smoke. I also found a 2oz bottle of butane in his car. So does he fill the lighters? I don't get it.. And if he is huffing that is why the UA tests come back clean.

Sometimes I will see him and he doesn't seem all there... Sometimes his eyes will be really dialted at times they shouldn't be. Sometimes I go into in his room in the morning and it smells... Not like alcohol.. Not like body odor... I just can't place the smell. Sometimes his lips and face look kind of swollen looking and he is a skinny kid - 6' 1" and 140#'s we were at 130 so we gained since xmas a little...

ANY guidance would be great! :confused: