All answers have their merit, but each siuation is unique. My son ,age 54, is an alcoholic, He spent 2 years in prison for DUI's, and relaesed almost 2 years ago. Against my better judgement, I brought him to live with me since he has been foresaken by everyone else. Not the best choice, but under the circumstances I did what a parent does, and that's care, He's smart, charming, good looking, articulate, and educated, but ends there. When drinking, he is verbally abusive, goes off on binges, but always back to me. After a recent episode I laid down the law. No more liquor in this house, no more being disrespect towards me, and if he ever gets in my face again will have him physically removed out to the street. He's lost his job, through downsizing, lost his girlfriend, no money, Im stuck with a car payment; which I can't afford. At what point do they help themselves, and thought prison had beeen the answer. Alcoholism is a disesae, and have seen it destroy my family over the years. I, for one, only drink sicially, but now feel my life is on hold because of his demons. I have a forthcomin trip for 3 weeks, and shudder to think what may happen while I'm gone. What to do? Help me, somebody. The stress is taking it's toll on me.