Ive always been the girl who has been concerened with her weight... I was really skinny in the 9th grade and then when I got with my boyfriend I got comfertable. So comfy that my weight shot up to about 160 pounds this made me a very inscure person and my boyfriend and his mom always knew that.. well one day I was at my boyfriends house and his mom introduces me to these diet pills she had been taking for like ever. She said there pretty hardcore and you have to get them from a doctor. So I said sure I will try them ( keep in mind I have tried every diet pill out there) so I'm on them for about 2 weeks I already see a difference and I had crazy energy I was pretty much loving life... I took them for about 3 months straight and lost about 38 pounds then she told me to stop for a bit so I did and I got extremely depressed... I had horrible mood swings etc... this lasted for almost a month and then I got back on the pills. By the way I don't know if anyone has ever heard of it but the pill is phetermine. Im on the pills as I write this and I've been on them for about 2 months now. I have about 6 days left and everyone knows I have a problem and I do to but when the 6 days is up I've made a plan to get another month without telling anyone. I wish I didn't but in my mind I convinced myself I cannot live without them. I'm really skinny now. I love it but everyone thinks I'm to skinny.

I need help really bad and I don't know where to start.. I feel like my health is not doing good and I'm only 19 years old. If someone can please help me with tips or anything before my 6 days is up and I'm back at the doctor I would really appreciate it. And the doctor is "dirty" so no matter how much I weigh I can always get my hands on them.