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    Apr 18, 2007, 01:51 PM
    What accounts belong on a Trial Balance Worksheet?
    These are the accounts I have used, as you can see my balances don't equal and after checking all the math, I'm convinced I must be using too many accounts. Can you tell me if I should be omitting any of these:

    Cash - Checking 1262 DR.
    Cash - Savings 3300 DR.
    A.R. - Bronson 350 DR.
    A.R. - Pedersen 480 DR.
    Advertising Flyers 100 DR.
    Office Supplies 80 DR.
    Asphalt Slurry 980 DR.
    Pickup Truck 2800 DR.
    Asphalt Slurry Tank 550 DR.
    Notes Payable - To: Dad 6000 CR.
    A.P. - Eide's Store 161 CR.
    A.P. - VISA 329 CR.
    Unearned Revenue 600 CR.
    Tom's Capital 1000 DR.
    Tom's Drawing 58 CR.
    Asphalt Revenue 3560 CR.
    Gas and Oil 211 DR.
    Telephone 50 DR.
    Advertising Expense 70 DR.
    Office Expense 15 DR.
    Truck Maintenance 107 DR.
    Insurance & Bonding 650 DR.
    Squeegees & Brooms 187 DR.
    12192 DR. 10708 CR.
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    Apr 18, 2007, 04:01 PM
    Advertising Flyers 100 DR. - what is that?

    Tom's Capital - 1000 DR.
    Capital should have a CREDIT balance

    Tom's Drawing 58 CR.
    Drawing should have a DEBIT balance.

    No accumulated amortization?

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