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    Dec 7, 2017, 02:44 PM
    How to get the correct cash balance?
    Find the correct cash balance for the year end 12/31/2016 to be used in preparing financial statements
    Available data:
    -the entity is a non-profit organization, no checking account only savings account
    -has opening cash balance of 115,934.50 (Jan 1, 2016) actually it's in the bank
    -total cash receipts amount to 134,789.50 (9,600 loan repayment from employees, 125,189.50 rentals received from tenants)
    -total disbursements amount to 170,268.93 (includes cash advances to employees 51,505.00)
    -total deposits amount to 74,069.50 (bank interest on deposit amount to 607.19 which is not included in total deposit)
    -outstanding cash balance per bank record amount to 91,411.19 (Dec 31, 2016)

    Is the cash balance per bank will be the amount of cash to be used in the balance sheet balance?
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    Dec 7, 2017, 05:19 PM
    116 in bank + 135 in = 251
    170 out
    251 - 170 = 81 left. Only 74 deposited.
    where did the missing 7 go?
    How did the bank balance get to be MORE than it should? 91. Some should be interest, but not 10.

    Do you see how you have to do a simple rough calculation to see if it all makes sense? It doesn't.
    You either have 81 to put in the bank, or you explain how it got to 91.

    Is accounting cash or accrual? Are some rents unpaid etc?

    Do you see how you have to actually comprehend the whole scenario, not just a bunch of numbers?
    Try asking us again.
    OH and is this for a job or a course? It matters
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    Dec 11, 2017, 07:17 PM
    Is the cash balance per bank will be the amount of cash to be used in the balance sheet balance?

    No the true cash book balance is to be used. In your example the transactions do not balance by a significant amount

    Reasons for this
    Deposits outstanding at balance date
    Payments outstanding at balance date

    So first reconcile the bank balance with the cash book balance

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