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    Nov 2, 2011, 01:34 PM
    how do i calculate the cost of goods sold for the obsorption income statement
    During the first month of operations ended May 31, 2012, Dorm Fridge Company manufactured 12,300 microwaves, of which 11,700 were sold. Operating data for the month are summarized as follows:

    Sales $1,930,500
    Manufacturing costs:
    Direct materials $959,400
    Direct labor 282,900
    Variable manufacturing cost 246,000
    Fixed manufacturing cost 123,000 1,611,300
    Selling and administrative expenses:
    Variable 152,100
    Fixed 70,000 222,100
    is the problem:

    I know the sales is 1930.500, but how do I get the cost of goods sold I do not know what numbers to use to get this amount

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