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    Nov 11, 2012, 08:17 PM
    Ex did not transfer all stock in close corp-still responsible corp debt?
    I was to receive all stock in 2 closely held corps in div settlement.Years ago when we formed trusts we voided original 100 in his personal name, issued 2 new for 50 each to each of our trusts. He filed amended FA I never saw claiming owned 150 as he never signed bk of 100, claimed nonmarital, as president voiding. Transferred 50 after divorce (still didn't sign stock) and "all other interest he had in corp". Other corp only 50 issued to each these words not added. Think amended FA, claiming much as nonmarital, done so judge didn't question unequal settlement I didn't question transfer as never knew claimed to own 150. Found deferred capt gain tax owed, many hidden bills on take over. Am suing divorce attorney for many other mistakes so don't know what to do with this. Does "all other interest" release him of liability or does he legally still own half my corp and responsible for helf the debt including mortgages he signed for and taxes? As with what was hidden my settlement was a negative so if I can recoup anything would like to.
    Right now I don't know if I own all or how to file returns or who to ask.
    Any help appreciated.

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