1)Completed the series of designs that began on July 31 and billed for total design services performed, including the accrued revenues of $800 that had been recognized in an adjusting entry in July $1,400

DR acc.recievable and unearned revenue with 800,600 resp and CR revenue 1,400

2)Paid the amount due for the office equipment purchased last month, $3,000

DR acc.payable 3000 and CR cash 3000

3)Received payment on account for design services performed last month, $2,800.

CR cash 2800 DR acc.receivable 2800

4)Made a partial payment on the utilities bill that was received and recorded at the end of July, $140

DR acc.payable 140 and CR cash 140

I must be doing sth wrong cause I don't get the right figures in the trial balance. There are some other entries as well but I fell comfortable with them so the mistake must be in these...