Hi all,

I'm trying to build an access db (I don't know access very well) to keep track of my rechargeable batteries (geeky I know). Here are my tables:

BatteryType: Just contains the different types of batteries available
Inventory: contains batterytype, serial number, purchase date, etc
ChargeHistory: for each inventory item I keep track of when charged, how charged (break-in, refresh, normal), etc

The above is all good (I think). The last table is where I'm having a difficult time figuring out. My last table is called Electronics. I have all sorts of devices in the house that use the above batteries... remote controls, toys (tons of those), smoke detectors, game consoles, etc. So of these electronic devices use 1xAA, 2xAA, 3xAAA, 2xAAA, 1x9V, etc... you get the idea.

My question is, how do I design that last table where say a particular toy that takes 4xAA has specific AA's from the Inventory table... i.e. I serialize my batteries.

Any help greatly appreciated.