Iím currently attending a trade school for an esthetician course. The course was about 6 months long, and I only have about 2 months left, but I absolutely hate it. I definitely realize this isnít for me, and I dread even going to school for it. I know this isnít something I want to do as a future. I donít even want the license for it anymore. Normally, Iíd just say whatever, itís only 2 more months left and Iíd just suck it up, but Iím not even sure Iíll reach my state requirements to graduate. I feel like I could be spending my time instead of going to school, I could be working right now to pay this off. Iím currently 19, and my family were planning on moving to Arizona after I graduate and Arizona laws, from what Iím getting from the rulebook, is that you canít even hold an estheticianís license until youíre 23 there, so I wouldnít even be able to use it when Iíd move. Should I just drop out and spend my time working, or should I just suffer the 2 months and get what Iím paying for, even though Iím positive I wonít use the license?