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    Oct 8, 2014, 10:24 AM
    My schoolwork is too easy?
    I'm twelve years old, in seventh grade, and I go to a cyber school in Pennsylvania, USA.
    I changed to this school because (1) my last school was religious and I don't believe in that and (2) I thought this school would be harder academically. This school is nice and doesn't have the extreme religious part in it but the academics are WAY too easy. In math class, I sit there for 50 minutes while the teacher goes over one thing that I could've gotten in 2nd or 3rd grade. The rest of the classes are all right, it's still a bit too easy but I actually learn something sometimes.
    I've been using Khan Academy, but it only helps(and not that much) with Math class.
    Any other websites I could use?
    I'll probably be moving after this year and then I'll go to a public middle school(probably), so don't say change schools. I love this school, I just want something harder to do. There's no good middle schools close enough to me. The public is horrible and all of the private revolve around a religion, which I don't exactly mind, I just mind when the religion is affecting every single class and the way everyone acts.
    What should I do if I don't get to move and go somewhere that has somewhat decent schools?
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    Oct 8, 2014, 11:02 AM
    Have you talked with your parents about this? They are paying for it and should know that you bored.

    There are plenty of free educational sites and instructional YouTube videos. Be your own best advocate and Google to find challenges.
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    Oct 8, 2014, 11:07 AM
    Also, my school is part of the public school district, it's free.
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    Oct 8, 2014, 11:12 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by cannkat View Post
    Also, my school is part of the public school district, it's free.
    Even so, your parents need to know you are bored. And what about challenging yourself academically? That's how I survived school.

    There are many Internet sites and Youtube videos that teach math and history and grammar and creative writing etc. for free. Google for them.
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    Oct 8, 2014, 04:16 PM
    In addition to seeking out ways to challenge yourself outside of your school hours, ask your math teacher or a school counselor about more challenging work. Is there any chance that you could participate in a higher level math class?
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    Oct 8, 2014, 06:13 PM
    There should be a director of the online school or someone who is in charge of you and another group of students. Have your parents speak to him or her and see if they can provide advanced work. Every curriculum has below grade level and above grade level variations when students need individualized curriculum. It should be very easy for them to provide it to you.
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    Oct 8, 2014, 06:24 PM
    Ok, so this is not normal onlline home schooling, I saw that, since most home schooling, if controlled by the parents properly will be much more advanced than public school.

    But you may also find, that you will be bored to death in public school, if your skills are higher than average students.
    Remember teacher is teaching often to the worst student in the class, not the advanced students.

    My son, 14, and in 10th grade is now doing college math. We hire tutors for him, and he have private lessons
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    Oct 9, 2014, 04:16 PM
    They have teams for each grade that have certain teachers, which means about 8 teachers per grade, at least in middle school. There's about 40 kids in the class, even in seventh grade. The programs for each grade are different and I would have to find a class during my math class or my hour long break in the morning. Asking the school couselor does sound like a good idea, thanks!

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