I'm twelve years old, in seventh grade, and I go to a cyber school in Pennsylvania, USA.
I changed to this school because (1) my last school was religious and I don't believe in that and (2) I thought this school would be harder academically. This school is nice and doesn't have the extreme religious part in it but the academics are WAY too easy. In math class, I sit there for 50 minutes while the teacher goes over one thing that I could've gotten in 2nd or 3rd grade. The rest of the classes are all right, it's still a bit too easy but I actually learn something sometimes.
I've been using Khan Academy, but it only helps(and not that much) with Math class.
Any other websites I could use?
I'll probably be moving after this year and then I'll go to a public middle school(probably), so don't say change schools. I love this school, I just want something harder to do. There's no good middle schools close enough to me. The public is horrible and all of the private revolve around a religion, which I don't exactly mind, I just mind when the religion is affecting every single class and the way everyone acts.
What should I do if I don't get to move and go somewhere that has somewhat decent schools?