Hello, I am a first year college student at a community college and I find myself struggling. I breezed through my senior year in high school despite being sent out to live on my own halfway through the school year at 17 years old. I overcame many difficulties and setbacks just to get into school, but I finally did it, and now I feel like I am under a mountain of stress. I am a laid back kind of person, I don't worry about really anything at all, so this is a new feeling for me. I have hopes of becoming a science teacher someday, but that seems so distant and out of reach. I am taking four classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I work a part time job that keeps me up late on, of course, Monday and Wednesday nights. I know I am not passing and will probably not pass my first class of the day. I considered dropping it, by I have no clue the effect that will have on my academic record, so I decided to stick it out. This class's problem is the time at which it starts: 7 am. This means I have to leave my house at 6:15 to get there on time; not easy after finally getting home from work at 11:30+ the previous night. In my second class, the grade is based primarily on tests. Either sociology is not my subject, or I have lost my edge in test-taking skills, as I have very narrowly passed the 2 of 4 total exams so far. My third class is a science class which I naturally will pass with ease, and my 4th class is freshman composition, which has to be the hardest class I have ever taken. By the time we submit our rough drafts for an essay, the instructions for the next 2 papers are being explained, and I feel swamped. Trying to balance these classes, my job [in which I am almost literally fighting for a promotion I both need and deserve], coaching kids' soccer, somehow managing to pay for my car and associated costs, a girlfriend, and foreclosure on the horizon for the house I am currently staying at is taking a serious toll on me. I have considered taking a break from schooling, but this has been drilled into my mind as the "loser" approach, and doesn't seem like the right path to take. I don't know what to do. Please, please help with advice/suggestions. Thank you.