Hi there, I am a 27 year old female who has never missed a period except for when I was pregnant with my daughter. (Who will be two in September.)
You can pretty much set your monthly calendar by my cycle within a day or two. That being said, I am 13 days late on my period and have taken 4 pregnancy tests which all state that I am not pregnant. I started running but not anything extreme, only about a mile 2-3 times a week and reduced my calories by 200/day about 3 weeks ago, but I have started much more difficult work outs and cut my calories by far more and have never had any effect due to that other than weight loss. I also noticed that in the last two weeks, I have somehow managed to put on 3 pounds even though I am working out and have a "full" feeling in my stomach -yet, we've already established that I am not pregnant. When talking to my dr they said that I should just wait until next month and if I still don't have it then come in to be seen. The only reason this makes me nervous is because when I was pregnant I had a cyst the size of a grapefruit on my ovary that went away by the middle of my second tri-mester. Would this be related at all? Should I be more persistent about getting in to see the doc or should I just wait it out? I haven't been under any sort of stress lately and my workouts aren't anything too rigorous at all. There no history of cancer in my family (other than my maternal grandfather who had lung cancer from smoking for 60 years), but my mother does have a history of developing cysts on her ovaries from time to time which is why I am concerned. I am not currently on any medication and do not smoke or drink coffee (I do drink wine socially, but no more than once a week on average). My husband and I would be completely excited if I actually were pregnant again - but the fact that the tests have all come back negative makes me think something else is going on.