I have what I believe to be an ingrown hair in my left armpit. It has been there for about a week. Every day it gets closer to the surface. It is extremely painful. Because it is so large, there were several hairs near what looked to be soon becoming the head. My husband plucked them, hoping that they would create a quick escape route for this horrible knot. It didn't help. Today I had him poke it with a sterilized needle for the same reason. Although he squeezed it some, it is still no where near coming out. It has a hard core that he felts with the needle.

I used a cold compress a few days ago to try to dull the pain. Today I just had to shave. I couldn't take the rest of the stubble any longer. I used the mineral salt deoderant instead of my regular. I am using a heating pad today, because I just can't take it any more. I feel like I should have a sling on to keep my arm up over my head.

Is there ANYTHING I can do to get it to come up to the surface more quickly? This is like eight days! I know when it was caused. I shaved in the shower and afterward I felt like I had a severe razor burn on that side.

I need help!