Hello. I was due for my period this Thursady and I got it right before bed ( I ALWAYS get it right in the morning.. ) Anyway, it was brownish light spotting and very very light. For the last 3 days I have had an unusual light , bright red period with some very small clots. I usually go through at least 12 supersize tampons during my period and this time I barely filled 3. I took an hpt this morning, (puts me at 17dpo) and it was negative. I guess my question is... is there a chance at all of pregnancy? My husband and I had sex right around and a few days after ovualation... but we used condoms. Far stretch I know, but this is so weird and the first time I have ever had such a barely there period. I have 2 daughters and have never had this before. What do you think? Thank you!