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  • Mar 10, 2007, 08:48 AM
    Black stuff on toilet seat
    Hi this sounds weird but I go to a university and I was in the restroom. After I finished up I turned around to flush the toilet and noticed some sticky looking black stuff on the seat. I had just finished urinating myself. Well I could not tell what this was but did not think it came from me-it was thin and mucus like. So I went home and took a shower. The next day I went to the batheroom and again urinated then wiped. I saw a small amount about the size of a pencil eraser of this black muscus. Then I spotted for a day. Since then everything has seemed normal except now my period is five days late. This all happened maybe two weeks ago or a week and a half. I have'nt gone to a doctor. My question is Do I need to go see a doctor? Could I have caught something from the toilet seat? Or is this something I may have just had myself-does this sound like an std? Since then I have not noticed any discharge and have not had any pain or itching... my boyfriend thinks maybe it was a bloodclot but we don't know. We have not had any unprotected sex except twice once in the end of nov and once around dec 2nd. I took pregnancy tests in dec and jan and was not pregnant-that period did turn out two weeks late though. The one in feb was on time. We have a mongameous realationship, have been together 7yrs and used condoms about 98% of the time- we have had unprotected sex 3 times in 7yrs. Anyway does anyone have any advice-should I be concerned? Like I said no discharge since then... :confused:
  • Mar 10, 2007, 09:02 AM
    Serious time to go to the doctor, or health dept to be checked.

    You do know that if you don't use condoms 100 percent of the time, it is still not safe sex. And you may be mongameous but of course you can never be 100 percent sure of your partner.

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