Over the summer, my legs, specifically on my inner thighs, I started breaking out with pimples/white heads/and sore red tiny bumps. Within a few weeks, it started clearing up, with chlorine from pools and occasionally patting baking soda or baby powder on the area. A few weeks later, I was wearing shorts, which I had resisted to for most of the summer, with the embarrassing bumps, and the same day, I got a large VERY sore red bump on my inner thigh. It made it hard to walk. I read somewhere else online to place a hot cloth on the area for 20 minutes a few times a day. I did this, and gradually it went away. Recently, again, my legs randomly started breaking out, worse this time. There are more white heads this time, also, the break out is spreading down my leg... as far as the back of my knee cap. It hurts! And it's embarrassing. They are itchy, and some spots have heads with white pus in them. I broke out a little on my vagina as well. I am not sexually active, nor have I done anything serious in the past. I'm even getting little spots on my stomach too. PLEASE, someone explain to me what I can do to stop this! And make this all clear up. I am not a dirty person, I take a shower daily, and I have been using Panoxyl acne bar 10% for quite some time to try clearing up the situation, but it's taking so long and I'm becoming nervous! Is this some form of STDs? I am only 16, and am truly scared from the situation, PLEASE help!