I just recently put a 12.5 horsepower B&S engine on my murray mower. The original Brigg. 12.5 motor slung a rod. So I put this one on there. It's a little older engine.it has 1wires (one red one) coming out from under the flywheel. And the other one has 2 wires one red and one white. What are these wires ? It will not start from the switch, but it I put jumper cables to the starter it will start. Any Ideas of what to do with the wires or what they do. Or what my problem is . Thanks brandon

The engine I put on the mower model number is 281707 Type0195-01 Code:89013111

The engine I took off the mower that is blown model number is 286707 Type: 0152-01
Code: 95041940