Hello and thank you for viewing and answering my question.

It all starts like this.

I am a 18 year old boy who just lost his virginity to 15 year old girl (don't judge). Me and my girlfriend have been dating only 2 months and few weeks. She gave her virginity to me last week. I though it was odd since she gave it to me so quick. Not only that she wasn't bleeding down there and when I first enter her it really didn't hurt her and it actually please her. There many things that I don't get. Is that when we fool around she would ask me to use two finger instead of 1 (when she was still a virgin). Though she has dated other guys in the past. I still can't get it past me. Her history is that her 2nd boyfriend almost had sex with her twice. Once in her backyard (were disrupted). And another when they were in the movies. He was fingering her (she didn't want 2) and he then try to but supposedly could not get it in. Now I am sorry for saying such vulgar things, but I need know. Is my girlfriend really a virgin before she got to me? She is my first girlfriend and my first love (Ive been doing a lot of moving and kick boxing so I didn't have too much time for relationship)