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  • Nov 6, 2010, 04:21 PM
    Looking for an old song A Farmer's Daughter Named Louella
    Looking for an old song from the 1940's which begins, "A famer's daughter named Louella, the prettiest thing for miles around. And she had never caught a fellow until one day when she went to town."

    The song goes on and she meets a fellow who takes her to the drugstore and buys her a Coka Cola. Later the song goes, "And every evening in the summer, at the depot door she stands again and waves her hand to every drummer that passes through on the evening train."

    I remember my folks singing this song when I was small. Don't know that it was ever recorded or just an old folk song.
  • May 14, 2013, 08:54 AM
    Jim Pringle
    Perhaps with what I remember you can piece enough together to get all the way through.

    A farmer's daughter named Louella
    Was the prettiest thing for miles around
    But she had never had a feller
    Until one day she went to town.

    Louella went down to the depot,
    To watch the evening train come in,
    And there she met a handsome drummer
    With two gold teeth and a walking cane.

    To the drugstore he took Louella,
    And at a table there they sat.
    He filled her full of sarsaparilla
    Till she did not know where she was at.

    I'm rather hazy on the next verse. As you have it, the first two lines are something like "now every evening all through summer, she goes to meet the evening train,"and the third line is something like "She waves to every passing drummer." Now back to something more definite.

    Alas, alas for poor Louella,
    She started something she can't stop.
    Now every time she gets a nickel
    She spends it all on soda pop.

    I remember Louella Perkins singing this on WWVA in the 1950s. It seemed to constitute her entire rpertoire.

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