I am being sued (I guess) by Capitol One. I was served a notice 3 nights ago, to appear on March 1 at 1:30 pm, no court room, just the main address. It says it is a mediation/pretrial conference, but it is confusing. The debt they are listing is a valid debt, the amount is questionable. I through many circumstances stopped paying on the account after a layoff, and got back on my feet a bit too late. They sent letter after letter demanding 50% or some number, or else. I called back, stating I could make payments again, but that wasn't acceptable. The problem, I never sent a letter, or documented phone calls. After doing all the reading I have done, I realize the error of my ways.
I don't want to walk into the court and go, "yep I used their card, and yep, thats my name!" and be told not to expect the next few paychecks.
It isn't that I can't afford to pay it, I just can't afford to pay it all at once!! Plus, the fees they tacked on are a bit unreasonable.
Now, I have to pay attorney's fees too ? How do I stop this, or get through it ? Should I hire an attorney ? How do I pay for that ?