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  • Jun 1, 2016, 03:07 PM
    Small Catering Company licensing and tax issues
    I am a 23 year old in TX and I have mustered the beginnings of a corporate catering company for business lunches and events.Im ready to start, I have just about everything ready.Its a pretty small investment and a small operation and I'm aware of the health code and city requirements and all that.The only thing I cant find any information on is what do I need along the lines of business licensing and tax duties?
  • Jun 1, 2016, 04:24 PM
    The licensing will be a local (city and county) and State issue. Your local Small Business Administration will be helpful.

    Tax issues are best left to an accountant. Get a referral from a friend or family member (or your church or other organization that you trust) and have that accountant give you a basic checklist of what to do, what not to do and what to be sure to keep accurate records of.

    You are asking the right questions; good luck to you and the business.

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