I saw this DK Active White sold in many forums and in eBay Ph as well, they're all quite cheap so I'm not sure it's genuine ( but this eBay seller is consider quite reputableas he/she is a power seller... anyway... )

I saw it on Yumei Mise but they are entitled as Original Active White and compare to others it's really pricey.

So Has anyone tried this before?

Please share.. any input.

It claimes:
DK Active White

The essence of natural green plants. Through several decades of clinical study by medical experts and botanists at home and abroad. Active White Soft capsules is refined from natural plant essence and by advanced extraction technology. It contains skin whitening component and rich vitamins, can eliminate free radicals in the body, preventing the skin from being damaged by ultra-violet, inhibiting the formation of melanin thus avoid the production of stains, promote the regeneration of the skin, improve the skin aging and quality,maintain skin moisture and luster, accelerate metabolism, help the development of breast, this makes maiden figure graceful. It can also increase the synthesis of collagen that can enhance the elasticity of the skin, decompose and eliminate toxic substance, adjust effectively the endocrine system. Nourishing skin, beautifying appearance, preventing tanning and keeping moisture, making skin whitening and beautiful, eliminating stain, anti inflammation and killing germs, enhancing immunity, promoting metabolism, removing substance and keep body fit, adjusting endocrine system, anti-oxydating, anti aging etc. It has very godd effect on pachylosis, xerosis cutis, dematolysis, complexion darkness, choalasma,s tain, freckle, acne, constipation, ozostomia, obesity, gastrointestinal uncomfortable, anorexia, menopausal syndrome, baldness and liver disease etc. It has also effective in accessory treatment of vaginitis and pelvic inflammation. Usage and Dosage 1-2 pieces, orally, 2-3 times a day Specification 500mg x 50 soft capsules Storage Stopper tightly, store in shade and dry place. This product is all natural supplements only.