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    Aug 31, 2012, 03:42 AM
    How to stop fantasizing about things?
    Everyone fantasizes about something. But in my case its more of a day dreaming. For ex. Whenever I learn about some new concept which I read from somewhere the next second I am dreaming my teacher asking the same q. in the class and I am answering it and feeling very proud.after that I realize I've wasted those 5 minuets of time.when I score less marks in the exam I am determined to score well in the next exam and after a second I find myself daydreaming about coming 1st in the next exam.The problem is this is happening more frequently.I have few hobbies (playing guitar,football, listening to music,singing etc.).so I dream about winning some trophy in those competitions.I don't know how to stop and keep high concentration in things.this is common whenever I am studding, I would suddenly start day dreaming about me meeting a girl I used to like or playing guitar in front of thousands of people or playing football for famous club etc.this just breaks my concentration and I get frustrated very much.please suggest me some way, by which these day dreams won't hamper my concentration.please Help!
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    Aug 31, 2012, 04:00 AM
    Dreams are the stuff of life and ambition. The creative mind is the key to unravelling the mysteries of the universe. It is good to dream about your future. Dreams give you hope. Follow your dreams because they are the true indication of what you want to achieve in life. Become good at guitar playing and entertain thousands of people. Befriend the girl you like by talking to her. So don't despair too much about day dreaming. One day you might make those dreams become a reality.

    In terms of your concentration, you have short term memory and long term memory. You can only store about seven items in your short term memory before they become absolete. You must rehearse new knowledge to store it in your long term memory. People learn best in chunks. Taking a break every half hour to hour during your study routine is a good idea. It is not good to try and concentrate more than an hour. You have to find which learning style best suits you. Some people are visual learners, some people are cognitive learners, some people are tactile and audio learners some people are a mix of these things. Chunk the information you are trying to learn and take breaks. Once you know your learning style, I'm sure your concentration will improve. Avoid distractions such as background noise from tvs and radios. Find a quite place to study. Get good sleep and good nutrition. Work out a study routine that you stick to. I hope this helps.

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