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    What are my career options after MBA?

    I am 22 years old so I feel there is still time for me to take some risks and find the right career path for me. I did my MBA from top 10 college of Mumbai. I also worked in CA firm so I have good...
  2. This is about my career... someone please help me take right decision?

    I am second year MBA (finance) student. I don't have any work experience. Though I am in the top 10 colleges of Mumbai (for cet), I am very skeptical about the placements on campus. Everyone is...
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    Please suggest me appropriate profile?

    I am doing MBA (finance 2nd year), I am very confused about which profile I should choose after completion. To be very honest I am just an average student so choosing a job which will suit me is most...
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    How to stop fantasizing about things?

    Everyone fantasizes about something. But in my case its more of a day dreaming. For ex. Whenever I learn about some new concept which I read from somewhere the next second I am dreaming my teacher...
  5. Which Indian company should go global according to you & why

    More & more Indian companies are entering into other countries to widen their markets. According to you which company should follow this trend & why? & which international market will suit the...
  6. Why indian co.'s are looking to expand beyond their borders in the time of recession

    Indian ecenomy is facing many problems such as indian currency is depreciating very fast, political scenario is not good for foreign investment, balance of payment is also increasing etc. in times...
  7. I am 22 years old and never had a girlfriend. Please help.

    I am 22 years old now. I am from middle class family. Some of the facts which I like about myself are that (& I am not exaggerating) I am 6 feet tall, good in sports, good in studies, good looking...
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