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    Decrease TDS from waste water

    Dear Friends
    I hope find fast help to reduce TDS from the waste water from 20 000 mg/l to 2000 mg/l only
  2. I am consultatnt in industrial waste water treatment , how can increase my knoledgein

    Hi All
    I need to increase my data & my study in Waste Water Treatment especially with Industrial type .

    I want to know more companies have more solutions in this field , to bring more solutions...
  3. COD =Chemical Oxygen Demand it type of water...

    COD =Chemical Oxygen Demand
    it type of water analysis parameter , to indicate the range of wastes in water from any organization , which going to drainage .

    I working in decrease high range of...
  4. How can filtration will decrease COD more than 80...

    How can filtration will decrease COD more than 80 %?
  5. How can I decrease COD in industrial waste water from 10000 ppm to 1500 ppm as maximu

    Dear all

    I have one customer have food factory.

    His water waste have COD more than 10000 ppm .

    He asked to decrease this to max 1500 ppm .

    Please advice me
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