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  1. Comment on tickle's post

    My friend I just need resume format
  2. I need a best warehouse&logistics resume can anybody make a resume for me?

    I have 2.8 years working experience as warehouse assistant (from 2005 to 2008) in ZYX company,Malaysia and from oct 2009 to till date I am working as warehouse supervisor in XYZ company,saudi arabia...
  3. Dear Mr. Clough, Many...

    Dear Mr. Clough,
    Many thanks for your reply now I am sending full details based on these details please compose a letter
    The details are below:

    My name: B.Mabu rasool
  4. I need a request letter for job change in my company?

    Currently I am working a Warehouse assistant in a company but I am very intrested to work as a Sales man in same company.Can somebody compose sample request letter for my job change ?
    My key skills...
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