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    Oceanography help

    Please please! I have extra credit due tomorrow and I really need it but I don't understand it :( here is one question please help me
    Wave1 length 500 meters height 3 meters what depth will...
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    How do I improve my balance?

    I've been learning how to surf and overall I want better balance. What are some good ways to improve my balance??
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    Really bad inner ankle pain while I jog

    I run once in a while for at least 30 minutes and half way through that 30 minutes my inner ankles start to hurt. At first it used to be just my right ankle and now it's both. I have to stop running...
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    That sounds cool thank you ! :]

    That sounds cool thank you ! :]
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    Well i know she likes that quote because life...

    Well i know she likes that quote because life goes on no matter what happens especially for a break up and the fish still swims and when life gets you down you get right back up. Hope that made sense...
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    I need a creative idea for a drawing !

    I'm drawing my best friend a drawing. I started with her favorite quote "but the fish still swim" written in wave. If that makes any sense. I just have no idea what to do next. This is where I need...
  7. If I were to grow out my hair until my hip would my hair still be poofy?

    My hair is curly! Lately it's been less curly and a bit more wavy (if that makes sense). My hair is under my breast at the moment and when I let my hair air dry after the shower it gets all poofy and...
  8. What are some universites in southern California that offer veterinarian medicine?

    I've been thinking about being a wild life veterinarian and I don't really want to go somewhere too far away from home and also because of money.. if someone can help me pleasee!! Help I'm going to...
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    How to make cute cut up shorts?

    I have this old shorts that are just plain and boring so I wanted to cut them up kind of like this annd I was wondering if someone can help me please.. I tried a few...
  10. I've been reading this kissed by an angel novel by elizabeth chandler and I need help

    I read the first one with the trilogy and then I read evercrossed the 4th one I just finished that one day and it seems like there should be a 5th and I've been searching everywhere and can't find...
  11. Does anyone know how to cut a t-shirt like the picture I posted?

    I wanted to try it but I don't want to mess up can anyone help me
  12. Well I don't really want to go spend a lot of...

    Well I don't really want to go spend a lot of money on it.. I just want to do something about it naturally :]
    But thanks a lot a lot for your answer :]
  13. I need help for my psychotic crazy curly hair!

    My hair is crazy curly and if I let it air dry it becomes a Afro ! Its horrible and I hate dealing with it! And when I straighten it once in a while it actually doesn't get poofy even after...
  14. Help!! I'm not sure what I should do for the university I want to go to?

    I want to become a Marine Biologist, but I'm SOOO confused! No one has explained this to me normally.. I'm a Junior in high school right now and my 11th grade GPA is probably better than any GPA...
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    Thank you :D

    Thank you :D
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    I've had the same problem for a REALLY long time...

    I've had the same problem for a REALLY long time you should do squats, riding your bike or swimming. At one point I was constantly doing squats and riding my bike and I lost a lot of fat on my...
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    How can I flatten my abs?

    I've always had a flat stomach but its not that flat I still have that little fat on the bottom and when I do sit ups and other stomach exercises it just makes my stomach harder not flatter. Can...
  18. My keloid is turning dark purple with red edges is this bad?

    I've been using tea tree oil..
    If anyone wants a picture I can show you
  19. I need help with my belly peircing I'm so worried about I

    I've had my belly piercing for 3 months now I cleaned it everyday for 1 month and then after that I only cleaned it 2 or 3 times a week and 2 weeks ago I realized there was a light red bump next to...
  20. I need help with this Homework question can't find it anywhere

    The prompt is:
    Earth supports a great deal of life on and below its surface. Many factors work together to allow the great diversity of life on earth The moon and earth are approximately the same...
  21. Comment on ma0641's post

    That's balanced right?
  22. Who is a pro in chemsitry and wants to help me with something ?

    I need help with the 6 types of chemical reactions
    I can't ever decide which is which when I look at a problem. Also I don't get
    Example: Mg+HCl--->MgCl2+ H2
    Where did those numbers come from ?
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    Comment on Wondergirl's post

    I'll try that I guessss thanks :]
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    Comment on Wondergirl's post

    A little under my shoulders not to long but its kind of long. I like having long hair the thing is I hate hate hate!! Curly hair on me and all I do is tie it up because its so annoying when I...
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    Can someone help me with my crazy hair?

    I have curly hair and its so annoying I really want to make it wavy like beach hair if that makes sense. Can someone help me make it like that? I've tried so many things but nothing works. My hair...
  26. I think my belly piercing is infected for sure this time help?

    I clean it every single day 2 times I've mentioned this before in my first question about belly peircings. I just don't understand how it could get infected. I take good care of it I rarely even...
  27. How can I change my Mcafee security to let me go on a website?

    Mcafee won't let me go to and I want to go how can I do this? Its making me mad I want to go on that website.
  28. Is it okay to go swimming in a pool or beach when the belly peircing hasn't fully hea

    I want to go swimming but I don't know if its okay to go swimming when my belly ring hasn't healed fully..
  29. My belly button peircing bleeds very little is it infected?

    I got it like 4 or 5 days ago and I clean it every day 2-3 times with salt water and I rarely touch it. It doesn't look like its infected and there's no puss but it kind of worries me because...
  30. Could someone please help me with my essay I need so much help? =[

    I'm horrible at beginning a essay and we have to write one about LA. Its supposed to be about an experience in LA and I chose one with my friends when we went to Santa Monica Pier at 8 in the morning...
  31. Ohok thank you so much :]

    Ohok thank you so much :]
  32. Comment on leilani76's post

    Is there any way to change the postmark cause I don't know anyone from that state.
  33. Comment on Wondergirl's post

    Is there any way to change the postmark?
  34. Would it be possible to write a fake address on a letter?

    Me and my 3 best friends always pull pranks on each other randomly I don't know why its just our thing I guess. I want to write a fake letter to my friend she lives in Florida now and I want to send...
  35. Where do I put the access code on my laptop for internet?

    I got a Acer laptop and I want to connect the internet but I don't know where to put the access code from my DSL modem.
  36. Thank you :D and yes I've heard of dell but...

    Thank you :D and yes I've heard of dell but people tell me its nt worth the money
  37. Does anyone know if ACER is a good laptop brand?

    My parents are getting me a laptop for my birthday and I don't want them to spend so much money on a laptop so I found this lap[top that was $250. The thing is I just don't want a bad laptop and I've...
  38. You can also just type in the lyrics to Google...

    You can also just type in the lyrics to Google and links will come up :]
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    Does anyone know the name of this song?
    The very last song on this episode when tyler rips up the papers
    All I got from the song is oh itss youuuuuu...
  40. Anyone Greek that can translate a song for me?

    If anyone can pleaseee pleaseee translate this for me to english
  41. I Have but stupid things come up I'm in...

    I Have but stupid things come up
    I'm in California
  42. Anyone know any cheap online drivers ED classes?

    My parents don't want to spend over 40 bucks -_- and the only one I know is 55 bucks. So does anyone know a cheap onlinecourse please tell me.
  43. Does anyone use for movie downloads?

    If anyone does PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me with something.
    I'm downloading a few movies cause I'm going on a cmaping trip in a few days and ima have nothing to do on the long way there so I was...
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    Thank you for everyone's advice it really helped...

    Thank you for everyone's advice it really helped :]
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    Thank you that really did make me smile and the...

    Thank you that really did make me smile and the thing is when people meet me the first thing they mention is " you smile so much ".. I am friendly but I'm shy sometimes but your right thank you ill...
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    I don't know what's wrong with me

    I don't think I'm "BEATUFITUL,SEXY,HOT,ETC." I wake up thinking I'm a OK looking person. Im turning 16 in a month and I'm a girl. I haven't even had my first kiss, first boyfriend or anything like...
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