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  1. He is found a coritcal cyst 16mm.. n getting...

    He is found a coritcal cyst 16mm.. n getting pain... pls sir say what to do.pls sir my father is in a govt hospital admitted now.what to do please ans me sir
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    Cortical cyst and hydronephrosis.need help

    Dear sir my father age 65 years,After U.S.G he found a cortical cyst 16mm in the mid pole of right kidney... and the left kidney is also found hydronephrosys changed... he is also getting so pain......
  3. Kidney cyst and hydronephrosis... want help.. pls

    Dear sir,my father,65 years old.he found a cortical cyst in the mid pole of right kidney and the left one is also found hydronephrosis.he is getting so pain what should we do... pls sir give...
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