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  1. Does propecia really works for male pattern baldness?

    After surfing a lot on male pattern baldness, I came to know that Propecia 1mg is most utilized medication for the issue, also it prevents hair thinning issue. Has anyone used it? Please share your...
  2. Yeah mate. Thanks

    Yeah mate. Thanks
  3. Can Erectile Dysfunction be a cause of Marriagre or Relationship Failure?

    How much influence can erectile dysfunction have on relationships?
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    Any weight loss myths have you heard of?

    Everybody has their own way to shred weight, but many follow myths. Have you heard of any weight loss myths or you know some of it?
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    As far as reliable online pharmacy, I prefer...

    As far as reliable online pharmacy, I prefer >REMOVED< over other pharmacies. Back to topic, without any second thought expert advice is needed in this matter. Anyways thanks for sharing your view.
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    Can Viagra be taken regularly?

    Many people take viagra for erection issue. Some of them just directly purchase online even without counselling health expert. I just wanted to know what will happen if we taken viagra for prolonged...
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