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  1. Sticky: Twitter creates relationships that are otherwise...

    Twitter creates relationships that are otherwise impossible in traditional communication channels.

    Here are a few companies that have used Twitter to the benefit of their respective businesses:
  2. Sticky: How Do I Best Use Twitter for My Small Business?

    How do companies use Twitter to boost their businesses? Twitter’s microblogging service is a very effective tool that allows businesses to directly communicate with customers and vice versa.
  3. Sticky: Ever wonder where you can get your computer...

    Ever wonder where you can get your computer questions answered without calling tech support and waiting on hold for hours.

    Entrepreneurs and small business owners are turning to Help Desk forums...
  4. Sticky: Where Can I Get My Computer Questions Answered?

    When the inevitable glitch occurs -- missing files, slowed performance, virus invasion, hard-drive crash -- that's when users realize the interruption is far more costly to their personal life and...
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